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HASLE Refractories A/S develops, manufactures and supplies unique refractory materials for a number of high temperature industries. Among others we serve the cement, power, waste, bio mass, steel, glass and paper industries.

Our head office and production facilities are located in Denmark. All our materials are manufactured in this plant. This secures a uniform and consistent high quality.

Besides our head office we operate a sales office in Copenhagen and sales companies in India (New Delhi) and Thailand (Bangkok): HASLE Refractories India Pvt. Ltd and HASLE Refractories Thailand Co. Ltd.
In addition to these regional offices we are represented worldwide through our network of selected agents.

Apart from our castable- and precast solutions we have for more than 30 years produced our special product for sealing of boilers (HASLE ISOMEMBRANE).

HASLE is a privately owned company established in 1843.


We protect your process

High-temperature processes are demanding and cost-intensive. These advanced processes make great demands on the processing equipment used. All equipment and materials used must help to ensure the longest service life possible, as well as minimize energy costs and environmental impact.
At HASLE, we take great pride in developing, manufacturing and supplying refractory materials to protect your process and to contribute to increase your productivity with lower energy consumption.
We aim to be the market leader in materials which resist mechanical impact, chemical attack, thermal shock, build-up and wear.  
Properties which ensure a long service life for your refractory lining.

The characteristics of our company are quality, flexibility and quick response times.

Quality – because it is paramount to our customers that HASLE’s materials function optimally – every time. We give priority to ensuring that our customers experience a high and uniform level of quality with all our products.

Flexibility – because our customer's needs change over time – and from one job to another. We are ready to assist at all times with advice and guidance about selecting materials – to ensure the best results for our customers.


Quick response times – as every inquiry is important to us, we are constantly focused on ensuring quick responses and short lead times.

We look forward to protecting your process with the best refractory materials possible.

Michael Bladt

CEO, Owner
HASLE Refractories A/S
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